About Us!

Since circa 1681, euphemisms have been used to describe offensive words or suggest something unpleasant, like ones penis or vagina. During a phone conversation with a family member we began to banter back and forth using euphemisms to describe the southernmost region of our body parts. This conversation lead to one of those “what if” moments. What if these indirect expressions were hand drawn, like a cartoon? Transfer that design on to a pair of unbelievably soft and comfortable underwear that you would want to wear. Today that idea is called FUN-DEEZ! 

These undeez are not your typical boring tighty whities or lacy lingerie! Their just fun to wear. FUN-DEEZ are made from peach skin jersey material that is a tad different from the norm. Original hand drawn artwork to call out attention to your down under friend. You can slip these on, wear them all day knowing you have something funny in your pants. Share the slang with your friends by dropping your pants and show them whatcha got, if you dare. Please note these underwear are for a mature audience only and we would not recommend them for the faint of heart, humorless people or the easily offended type. 

FUN-DEEZ will always continue to provide a wide range of designs and the most comfortable briefs for men and women to protect your most precious parts!